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Monday, May 3, 2010

No Joy in today's news.

I'm still at the hospital with MiMi. They think this fall caused, or was caused by a heart attack.  She is not the same person she was a few days ago.  I don't like this at all.  We have plans for the next few years, she can't leave me now.  I'm bringing Bob Ross in to talk to her today.  She will like that.

Hospitals are horrible places filled with wonderful people. Her Nurses and Doctors are all really kind, and very competent.  I trust them but we get mixed messages.  The cardiologist is telling me to think about hospice care and the physical therapists come in with a walker and try to get her up (but I sent them away, she can barely lift her arms) but in fact I had to feed her what food she ate yesterday.  She's not going to use a walker anytime soon.

I'll pick her up and carry her home.  We just need to get out of the hospital.

Please forgive my absence for the last few days and what might me the next few.  I'll post little things here and there, but I can't think too hard.

Pray for Joy (for MiMi)  -Kay


Katy said...

I am so sorry. My grandma's nickname is Joy...that's how most people know her...and she has Alzheimer's. I understand how hard it is when people change right before your eyes. I will be in prayer for your *Joy* and offer warm wishes of comfort to your heart, as well.

bestmommy said...

Well wishes and prayers to you and your family. My dear 90 something "Gram" gave us quite a few scares with falls and illnesses but miraculously bounced back many times for several more years. Hoping Mimi enjoys a speedy recovery and treats your family to many more years together. God Bless.

natalee said...

Please give Mi Mi lots of kisses and hugs...my prayers are for Mimi,you and your family....If you need anything let me know...All my heart and love

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that she is still in the hospital. My husband was just in for about 6 days and we were both so ready to get out of there too.
I prayed for you both today. I hope everything will be ok.

karylsquilts said...

Take a big breath ~ take some pencils or pastels with you to see mimi.. small changes along with small 'sameness' will get you thru this. We get strength from all types of sources.

Kay Zahn said...

KARYL thanks SO MUCH for being near. I feel a "sameness" with you that is comforting. So many old friends and so many new friends makes me feel so incredibly lucky.

I just cut/pasted a whole bunch of reply. It turned into a post, which I'll finish later. I type to much, but I type fast. Just like I talk (or so they say)

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