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Monday, November 30, 2009

390 episodes @ 1 p/week will take YEARS

Since I recently started watching the Saturday morning classic, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (thanks PBS I don't know why I didn't find Bob earlier in life) I did what I always do when I think I want to try something . . I bought the entire package. DVDs, Paint, Brushes, Easel, Canvas, and everything one could ever need to paint along, so I had to try. Lo and behold, Bob was right. I CAN DO IT.

But how to stay motivated to get better.  To produce something actually usable, and or something I'd keep around.  The few I've already done, I'm keeping only to look back at and see how I'm doing but that's about all.  They are fine enough for a beginner, but not what I'd call art.

So what I'm thinking about here is to paint and blog my way through as many Bob Ross television episodes that I can. I'll try to do at least one painting a week and post notes, photos, video, or whatever comes up during my progression.  Who knows I may even get good at it.

Why do this? you may ask.  And even more important, how?
Luckily I have a fabulous husband (the best in the world I've been known to defend) and kids to match.  I'm the CEO of a family business that's been around since 1982 (that's like decades) started by hubby and I that long ago.  Unfortunately since June of 2009, I've also become the primary care giver for his mother.  A woman who took care of me (well did my laundry and helped with the kids for YEARS) and now due to a couple of strokes, she needs me.  So we moved her in with us.  I have worked from home for a number of years anyway so it was pretty natural to move her in.
Back to PBS.  I started watching Saturday morning PBS television while "hanging" around with MiMi.  She doesn't talk much and you can tell she doesn't process everything quickly. So she understands better if we talk slower and more deliberate so she can process things before they "go by" if you will.  So if  you know the late great Bob Ross then you know why he's just what the Doctor ordered.  I've read that folks compare the effects of his voice to the effects of demerol.  She likes to watch, and she frequently comments that "he makes it look so easy."

Today I ordered the First 2 seasons on DVD (happen to be Season 2 and 3) I don't know what happened to number one, no one seems to sell that. 
I'm thinking that I should start this as a New Year's resolution.  You know . . think about it for a month or so . . . and then see if I STILL want to do it.  Of course that procrastination is JUST what my brain wants me to do . . . and so I need to FIGHT. 
Maybe I need to start ASAP. Carpe' Diem.
What does anyone else think?  I'd be amazed if anyone even read this, so really if you are out there and can offer up much needed motivation, please join and follow or whatever you do with blogs.  I promise you, if I keep writing, even if I fail, it will be worth your reading.  But you can be the judge of that.  Thanks for reading this far.  Kay

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