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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can anyone out there imitate Bob Ross' voice?

I would LOVE to have an audio file of a "Bob Ross sound alike" saying the little things I have written here and under the header of my blog here.

Grab a big ole glass of ice tea and join me - Now let's get crazy - Just beat the devil out of it -You can do it.  See that lonely cloud, let's give him a friend - It's your world, you can do anything you want.

 Does anybody out there know someone who does that sort of thing?  Or maybe you know someone who sounds like Bob!   They could just read those lines into their recording program on their computer and email them to me.  If I use them, I'll pay respectively.

I'm going to go looking for a site where I can hire someone like that, so if you know where one of those might be, I'd appreciate that too!

Thanks in advance.  Share the Joy.   Kay


Unknown said...

I do voices don't know if I can do Bob but I
will work on it and see what comes of it.

Kay Zahn said...

That would be awesome and I'd make it worth your while.

Andie Antoni said...

Hi Kay,
They have clips on Youtube of Bob Ross saying these quotes. I can get them and make them into a video for you! Unless Arden already did.

Kay Zahn said...

Andie - you are so enterprising. I have a lot of my own video equipment but never have time for such stuff. If you want to do such a thing I would be forever grateful. In fact that little card I need to send you would get bigger !! Email me a mailing address for that card would you? Thanks. Oh yea, and my daughter also loved your elephant sanctuary video. She had Zoo tycoon a while back. It may make her dig it out and start playing again.
Thanks again, Kay

Andie Antoni said...

Is it okay that the quotes aren't verbatim? And can I add a couple that are kind of similar?

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