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Monday, September 27, 2010

Virtual Paint Out on Manhattan Island

Recently I discovered a really FUN activity called a Virtual Paint Out where once a month a location is provided for artists of all abilities, ages and mediums who are invited to join in (via Google Street View) and find a location and submit a painting. It's just for fun, but it IS fun to watch the different location choices develop.  

September's location was Manhattan Island NYC.  I choose a spot in Central Park (not wanting to wander off the island and be disqualified on my first submission :)  and decided to try my hand at a horse and carriage. Here are some of the photos with notes on WHAT HAPPENED along the way.  Oh yea, I used pastels and I'm glad I did.  I wiped out (literally) a horse and half a wagon, more than once.

Value Sketch to get started.
My walking paths were wrong, so I  moved the lower one.
My horse was so BAD I couldn't share - he had to go.
My horse is better now, but the carriage is TOO BIG!
So I fixed it.  (Gotta' love the pastels)

Sunny Day on Central Park Driveway - 16"x12"  - Pastel on Ampersand Board

Below is a look at the Google Street View map where I found my subject.  Once you find a subject I HIGHLY SUGGEST making a link (upper right corner of map window) and sending it to yourself.  I would never have been able to find this again, if I hadn't done that. YES I left out the two people with baby strollers walking in the center.  I struggled so with the horse, I didn't want to ruin it.  If I ever go back, I may add them.

I am right now looking in Arizona for a location to have my (our) own Virtual Paint out so stay tuned if you'd like to join in.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seaside Sunset turns to Desert Island

Well it has been quite some time since I have posted (anything about my Bob Ross Project that is) until recently I became inspired to get back to some starting point.  Toward that end, yesterday I watched 5 episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (recorded from Saturday morning TV) to find that inspiration.  

I got myself a big glass of Ice Tea (OK ok it was coffee but it's in the right neighborhood) and sat down to watch.  It was very quiet.  I watched him create the beginning of a great sunset, and then I got up for . . something.  I can't remember, but I found myself on FaceBook, telling people I was going to paint.  That often helps me. 

Half heartedly I went back to watch the end of the episode.  I was bored (and tired) so I "fast forwarded" it by 1X and watched it develop.  I didn't like the mountain he made (but that was his world, not mine ;) so I jumped to the next episode.  Then the next.  Bob Ross in Fast Forward is still pretty good, AND I don't get as tired watching.  I mean really, tell me you don't just about fall asleep while he's painting.

After my mini marathon I decided I couldn't waste my effort thus far so I went to get the video camera.  OH SO MUCH WORK, the tripod, a new tape, batteries . . . argh.  So I went to check my FaceBook only to find that a few people are watching (or at least also on FaceBook being distracted from their days work) and as always people just being there motivated me to just DO IT (so who says it is wasting time?) and it helped!   But I decided to go the easy route on the camera and just got out the FLIP camera.  The record time is 1 HOUR.  No problem  that's normal Bob Ross time anyway, right?


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