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Friday, May 14, 2010

Goodbye Nursing Home it's been a Long 2 Weeks

We busted MiMi out of Heritage Court today.  (With proper discharge of course ;) On our own two (well 6) feet.  Jim and I took MiMi from her bed, to a wheelchair, from the wheelchair to the car and then HOME.  Then we went car to wheelchair, and wheelchair to BED, where she is currently resting (snoring) and all is well in her world.

She's not walking yet, even with her walker, and may never gain the strength to do so.  The Autumn Splendor painting and video I did, where she walked in to the frame was one of the first and last times we may see her entering the frame on her own accord.  But she'll be sitting up and watching if she can, and I'll let you know how it goes.

I have Hospice assistance coming in soon and we'll have a lot of paperwork to do I'm sure.  Hospice will work with us for 5 days or 5 years, depending upon mom's needs.  I had no idea how helpful they were.  Even though my own mother had hospice care with her when she lost her husband to Cancer, after which she volunteered for them for some time.  Jim's father (MiMi's husband) died of Cancer 17 years ago, but it happened fast, and in the hospital.  Thanksgiving diagnosis and hospitalization and he died on Christmas Eve.

He was always a great help to me when we started our business (back in 1982) having so much experience in the security business and life in general.  It was hard to see him go.  On the last day of his life he had been going in and out of periods of lucidity and dementia.  At around 4pm he asked for ME, his daughter in law to come to the hospital.  I had a 18 month old toddler and I was preparing for a family party that evening, but dad couldn't be there.  It wasn't going to be very "merry" as it was.  I dropped everything and went to the hospital.

MiMi and Aunt Patty took Tyler to a waiting area and I went in to talk to dad.   He looked at me very clearly and said, "K.C." (that's what they called me, cuz MiMi is a Kay as well) "I left a mess." Here was a man who was living my biggest fear (at the time) and that was leaving my desk, and not coming back to finish my constant stream of work.  "I have bills to pay," he said.  "and who will take care of mom if I'm not here." To which I assured him as much as I could at my younger age and wisdom, that I would take care of everything.  I reminded him that he raised a large family of wonderful children now adults, who can do well with what they have learned from him.  I reminded him that Jim and I had the most to gain having followed in his footsteps and stayed in the alarm business like he was all of his life.  I told him that we had a strong company and strong hearts and we could take care of MiMi.  I told him not to worry about things like that.  I told him to rest.

Later that evening just before midnight as Jim and I were going to bed having done our "Santa" chores, our phone rang.  It was Patty's husband Russ.  He wanted us to know that they were with dad in his room and they watched a catholic mass on television, during which dad quietly passed away.

MiMi was a ROCK.  She held up during the wake and the funeral.  During the family visits and selling the house, and moving into an apartment and living her life.  She found work (with ME) as she helped to care for the children in our company day care and then later in life took care of my home and family (while I worked my tail off growing a company).  Which brings me back to the future.

MiMi lives here with us now (as you know if you are regular blog reader) so we could not leave her in a nursing home.  Her eye is better, her hand is still healing, and she's not exactly "mobile" but home is where she belongs and as long as we have control of the situation, home is where she will stay.

I'm hoping for a painting or two to show up this weekend.  No running back and forth to the hospital.  Just making MiMi comfortable is the goal, so what's more comforting that our friend Bob Ross and his Joy of Painting DVDs.  Maybe I should rest up for this so I don't get comforted right to sleep.

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Ayelet said...

Wow. Big post. You sure are staying true to your word to Jim's dad. You can be sure he appreciates it from where he is.... Big hugs!

natalee said...

hugs to you and to MiMi of course...

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