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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My ORIGINAL Bob Ross Painting - video on FaceBook

These are HAPPY LITTLE TREES painted by our trusted comrade, the Late Great Bob Ross.  It is mine and I own it.  It has been certified by the official company Bob Ross, Inc as having been painted by Bob Ross sometime in 1993.

It came with a Certificate of Authenticity from them as well.  I purchased it on an Ebay auction from a private party who said he had a couple more.  Who knows I may someday get my hands on another one. That is unless hubby thinks we are just about happy enough around here ;)  (love you honey)

I had video taped it and was going to add it to my newest episode (which is in processing right now) but had second thoughts about putting it on YouTube, given my quest to earn their Partnership Status.  You have to certify ownership of all visuals, and I could not on a Bob Ross painting even if I own the painting itself.  Which I do. But I can't put it on YouTube.  So I put it on FaceBook.  So if you are a FaceBook user, go take a look, become a Fan or Follower or whatever they call it.  Join our conversations.  It's fun.

OMG I own a Real Piece of History.  I don't believe it came from an episode of The Joy of Painting on PBS tv, but it would be cool if some day I discovered it in my journey.  To paint along with Bob on a painting that I own, well that would take it to a "HNL" (for all of your MadTV fans) or a Whole "nother Level !  

Stay tuned, Series 2 Episode 5 - Autumn Splendor is on it's way, and there are a couple of special guest starts dropping in.  Literally.   The Video will add another potential entry to my $50 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway (ends 4/15/2010) and so far that is going very well.  We have a lot of new friends and followers and I feel very grateful for your time and attention.  Even if I have to give you things from time to time.  I don't mind.  You're worth it.

Share the Joy, Kay

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