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Monday, April 12, 2010

Artistic License from Bob Ross himself.

"When you purchase your first tube of paint, you are issued an Artistic License that you can do anything you want with," mused Bob.  He was highlighting the trees in a very dark scene.  Suggesting that if it were really night time, you would only see silhouettes.

The next episode of the Joy of Painting online will be Series 2 Number 6.  This one is another BLACK canvas painting.  I learned a lot about the wet on wet oil painting technique last time Bob and I did a black canvas. You can check the previous posts, but basically to begin the next painting we are going to use Black Gesso (dried) and Liquid Clear.  Followed by some under painting with some transparent colors which will "light up" when we add an opaque color (like titanium white).

See the video Ebony Sea (episode #3) for the effect I'm talking about.  In fact, HERE is that video.  Please click and watch (again, if you've seen it already) I need YouTube to see my videos get watched.  AND if you have not already, leave a comment on the video (here or on YouTube) and get another last minute entry into the Starbucks Giveaway that ends April 15th at 11:59pm.

There's a few hundred entries, but that still makes for pretty good odds that you'll be sipping your FREE Starbucks sometime soon.  GOOD LUCK, and Share the Joy.

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