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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Joy of Painting Series 2 -#5 - Autumn Splendor

My NEW Video from my Bob Ross journey shows that I need to paint in the morning when no one else is around.  MiMi sleeps until noon usually, and kids are at school, hubby at the office.  But did I do that?  NO of course not this time, or I wouldn't even be mentioning it.  This time I waited until mid afternoon and it turned out to be a bad timing.  But my husband and his mother both got into the video, as "drop in" guests.

This is the episode of Bob Ross, Joy of Painting where he picks up the crayon? (that's inside a power drill looking thing) and says "I have a lot of limbs to do, so I'm gonna cheat." Then he made a LOT of tree branches and limbs in a LITTLE time.  This worried me for a while.  I do not like using the liner brush (and I thin the paint just like he says) for make limbs and branches. Or at least I "didn't" like it before THIS episode.  I actually had a small victory on this painting.  My branches and limbs are some of my best (which isn't saying much) and where Bob "cheated" I did not and I had some better success with it.  

I have seen so many beautiful Bob Ross style paintings on FaceBook it's always motivating but they put mine to shame.  On the other hand,  I never like my own paintings even though I've only done a handful and therefore shouldn't expect much.  But I watch Bob Ross and he makes it look so easy, and I really believe "I can do it" so I have high expectations.

At least I enjoy the videos and I hope you do too.  Oh yea watch this video and leave a comment and you'll get ONE MORE ENTRY INTO THE STARBUCKS GIVEAWAY.  What could be bad about that?
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Unknown said...

hello! I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciate your videos. You're a pro with the palette knife! I'm just starting out with bob ross' paintings, but just like you, I'm getting better with every new one I try. Please keep posting videos. It makes me happy to see videos like yours on youtube amidst the nonsense bob ross parodies and amateur painting lessons. Happy painting from ashlee in PA!

Awexaaa said...

I just thought I would let you know that I think what your doing is really inspiring.It makes me want to start something like this, and I look forward to new videos and entries :)

Chrissy said...

Wow, that's neat! Thanks for linking up! :o)

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Very cool. I've always been fascinated by watching people paint. That is a gift I wish I had.

Sandie Kae said...

I have all but a few of the series of Bob Ross. He was my first teacher. I liked that there are no mistakes only happy accidnets. I have moved on to Robert Warren's way of painting with wet on wet. They went to the same school of William Alxander's Art. Thomas Kinkade is another studend of the old man with a wonderful zest for life and painting. William would say "You are the creator in your world so fire it in there!" Buck Paulson from PBS was also a student of the master. I am glad to see you are too. Keep up the good work!

Kay Zahn said...

I LOVE BILL ALEXANDER TOO. "Fire it right in there!" He reminds me of my grandfather. VERY German and a big old sweetie. I have never heard of Robert Warren, but now I will look for him too. Thomas Kincade I know (in fact one of his painting is on my coffee cup this morning) I didn't realize he painted in this style. The rays of light he does are hard. I tried one with sunlight a few weeks ago, and it was TERRIBLE. I posted it on my FaceBook page and we all had a good talk over it!

Leander88 said...

Oh my God! This painting is so beautiful! I'D like to paint the same way, but unfortunately, I haven't got talent about it :( But your pictures are give me some extra motion to my life! Thank you so much to make life happier ;)
Greetings from Hungary and sorry for my English :)

mckait said...

Love your videos! You have talent, and heart.. keep it up!

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