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Monday, February 22, 2010

Series 2 -#3 - Ebony Sea

My first black canvas painting. If you read previous posts you'll see the treatment that was done prior to painting. In the end, Bob was done before I got to the trees and grasses, and there were some horrible "accidents" that didn't make me too happy.

But I promised to post the video, so I did. It's too long and I thank anyone who makes it to the end. When I get it down to 30 minutes real time, the shortened videos should be more watchable. 30 min real time looks good sped up to run 4-6 minutes. So let's hope for that next time. PLEASE leave comments (if you have them) it keeps me motivated. Share the Joy, Kay

1 comment:

Kay Zahn said...

That video took over 5 hours for me to edit, process and compress, then it took over 7 hours to process with YouTube. The upload was only 30 minutes or so, but it processed until I went to bed last night and it was at 7 hours then. Today it viewable and you just GOT TO LOVE GOOGLE for making it all free!

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