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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I was feeling real good about painting, until I started. . .

Right now I am taking a break.  Yes I started a new painting today.  Probably should NOT have because it is getting late and I'm loosing light (I paint in a huge room that has lots of windows up high, so I don't need lights to video tape) but as usual Bob is done, and I am not.   

I am NOT happy with my painting.  I swear I have forgotten EVERYTHING I've tried to learn.  I watched this video 2 times before starting.  (Not all today, but this week here and there) So when we started I felt confident that I'd be able to keep up. But I quickly got behind and panic set in.  You'll see it in the video.

It didn't help that I've been having a couple of conversations with a few of you and I've seen some of your paintings.  I really wanted this one to be good too.  I was feeling good about the under painted background.  The black canvas that stared at me all week was finally being looked upon. I decided to use liquid clear before the Aliz/Ph.Blue treatment, and I think it went down hill from there.

However I WILL BE POSTING THE VIDEO.  I'm determined to not just do this, but to learn from my mistakes and get better.  I don't really want to just "copy" Bob's work (even tho that's the end result of painting along with his television series) but I don't seem to have any vision once I pick up the brush.  I SEE it when he's demonstrating it.  But I get stupid with a brush in my hand.  

Eventually I want to be able to use the technique I am learning and be able to make "my world" come out in the painting.  I know that it will eventually.  I just did episode 3 for heaven sake, it's not like I'm on #300 and still suck at this.  I have to get better.  Eventually.

Stay tuned.  I will post the whole sad event on video, which might turn out ok, because the whole video thing is really different than the actual painting.  If you don't get too close to it!

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