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Friday, February 12, 2010

My husband gave me flowers just before he left me . . .

alone with his mother on Valentine's Day weekend.

It's the weekend for lovers. The weekend to prove to those you love, how much you love them. Of course when my daughter and her friends wanted to go skiing for the weekend (no school Monday) my husband wanted to prove to her how much he loves her so he's making the sacrifice.

But I ask you, which one of us made the bigger sacrifice?  For context, we've been married for nearly 26 years this year, so Valentines Day while cute and all, is overrated. And though MiMi does require some effort and attention, we're talking 3 days without the kids or husband. Nothing to worry about. Well mom will worry about things anyway, but I'm going to paint.

I'm going to paint at least 2 of the series paintings, if not 3. That's just like me, set a goal. Not a small one. Oh No. Go Big. I've already proven to the few people who've read anything I've written here that I'm a huge procrastinator.

But I work best under pressure (yea, so you've said) and this is my weekend.  So if you have nothing else to do, stay tuned.  I'll post the painting video as soon as it's done, so it could be a busy weekend of blog following. . . I'm just kidding . . that's sort of lame.   But then who really cares?

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