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Monday, August 16, 2010

All Creativity Counts

Famous words from my friend Karyl, who is a voracious quilter.  This woman turns out hundreds of quilts a year just to give them away. You should check her blog out at KarylsQuilts.blogspot.com

Here is my first pastel painting and I think it's done.  I put my initials on it (the first time I have EVER signed a painting) because I thought I loved it.  Now that I'm looking at it a week or so later, I'm not so sure.  But I'll share anyway, just so you all know that I am trying.

Reference Photo by Daniel Plumber -check him out

My initial sketch of the photo

The computer image was better to work from.

I might be "blending" too much ???

and YES MiMi looks on when she's awake.


karylsquilts said...

YES !! Hurray its even got initials! I think it looks great, it has proportions,it has highlights and darks. Im so glad you're keeping 'At It'. any medium counts!..moremore.... and thanks for the plug for the quilt blog

B.Booth said...

Kay, this is very good. Congratulations on branching out into other mediums. You have done a very good job. I started with Bob Ross as well, and then took some workshops in watercolor and acrylic. I am inspired every time I read your blog. Keep up the good work.

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