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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can FaceBook help me stay motivated?

I have not painted all year! I mean . . . (here comes my excuses) . . . I AM really busy, and if you've spent any time on my website (www.KayZahn.com) you'd understand why. But I really want to paint. I work from 6am to noon on the phone, on the computer and otherwise engaged in my regular life. MiMi wakes up around noon (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) and I really want to take the hour or two that her and I watch TV (while I type on my laptop, like now) and paint at least once a week.

Why I'm not getting to that, I'm not sure. But of course, I have an idea. Always one to work better under pressure, and long ago realizing that most of my pressure comes from my imagination anyway, I decided to give myself a reason to believe there is pressure to do what I say I want to do. So today I did something I'm not sure I will regret or not. I went onto Facebook and looked for a few friends. Not to talk to everyday, or so I have more "friends" in general (even tho my daughter seems to think it's a contest) but to help motivate me to paint.

They won't even have to do anything, except just become a fan and make me think they are watching. Then if I feel like what I'm trying to do is a waste of time, I'll think of them (and my few new friends from YouTube) and get over it.

I KNOW. It's stupid, but it just might work. Gotta go. Oprah is just about to talk to the guy who started Chipotle. I love that place.

Share the Joy, Kay


karylsquilts said...

hi Kay,
NIce to see you painting !. and enjoying the writing too. You mentioned Chipotle on OPrah, did you know his pork is grown in thornton ! Paul willis/anne floy?. maybe you remeber the names....

I gave up most the ink and paints when I retired. now I lean tword fabric n color with quilting.

Have fun with it !!! ~karyl

Kay Zahn said...

Now I love Chipotle even more! Good ole Iowa Pork.

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

So, did it work?? Are you feeling more motivated? I must admit that my blogging is sort of like that. I started it just for me, but getting comments is very encouraging. It's also discouraging to me that I can't use it as an outlet as too many people that I would... um... complain about... read it. Sigh.

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