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Monday, August 23, 2010

Say hello to Bob Ross when you get to heaven

Monday begins a sad week for us that started over a year ago, but now it's real.  MiMi is sharing her last few days on earth with us now.  She hasn't eaten for 4 days, and drinks very little water.  Her brain forgot how to do everything. She sleeps now 22 hours a day, awake only here and there to smile a little and squeeze a hand.

(Mimi her daughters and ME)
I think she knows who we are, and where she is, and she is at peace.  I hope her body cooperates and lets her go in her sleep, or at least in a peaceful state.  Which she has been in for over a year since we brought her here to live with us.  What a year it's been too.

It was June of 2009 when Jim (hubby) scooped her up from the Assisted Living Facility (with no shoes on) and brought her home.

Mother's Day and Boys Birthdays
Touchdown CARDINALS !
Since then we have shared birthdays and holidays with lots of family around.   What could be a more fitting wish for a mother of 7, than to have her grown children get to know each other better during her months of life.

We've lived together through Football season, and the Olympics.

She and I watched a whole season of Rachel Ray and I became a better cook.  We discovered Bob Ross together when the television in the kitchen only got a few channels, we turned to PBS.  The rest of that story is HISTORY.

When her heart started to give out, we watched HOURS AND HOURS of Bob Ross on video in the hospital.

I don't know if she watched, but I DID.
 And now after 84+ years on this earth her days are short, and she goes to be with Dad (after 17 years of holding her own after he died) She is still a beautiful woman with a beautiful family, that I am thankful to have been a part of for over 26 years.  

Good Bye MiMi.  Tell Dad that we love him and miss him greatly.  And if you run into Bob Ross, tell him how many people still on this earth feel connected to him through his work.  Through our work.  And just like Bob, Mimi will never be forgotten.


Andie Antoni said...

*like* because unfortunately unlike Facebook there is no convenient button! My thoughts and prayers are with Mimi and your family regardless!

natalee said...

My dearest friend.. my thoughts are with you and your family..... I want you to know I promise to keep MiMi in my prayers..... All my love and friendship.....

Unknown said...

I do not know you but my heart goes out to you.
I too was blessed with the opportunity of spending the last year of my fathers life with him. I miss him terribly each day, and my mother was an artist who loved Bob Ross, and painted many many paintings too. May God ease your pain and console you in your time of grief my freind.
Gwen Niccum

Rick Garcia said...

A beautiful tribute Kay. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful family but it sounds like you really made the best of the last of her time here on Earth. My heart goes out to you and your family. She was blessed to have you and you were blessed to have her - thank the heavens for such a wonderful relationship.

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