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Monday, March 1, 2010

Unauthorized Bob Ross Videos online

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I've never seen these online before now, though clearly they've been there a while. The ones on YouTube look like an art store or something posting these.  They are clips from the 3 hour Bob Ross workshop.  Which I own on DVD and watch regularly.  I've posted these links to make a point.  So many people ask where they can see some "Bob" when they don't have PBS or television at all and they ARE online.  Just to bad that The Bob Ross company are not putting them there. (I think they should . . just a few . .  they have so many, it could help sales!)

Recently I asked for permission to use some clips online (edited into my videos) but they said NO.  It was Annette Kowolski who answered (I was honored) and she nicely said "Thanks for asking in advance" because so many others don't.  Really ?  Shocking ?  But I did.  And I won't be using any copyrighted material in my videos, cuz that's the way I roll.

But she also told me I needed to stop using the domain name TheJoyofTheJoyofPainting.com because it is a federal trademark.  Which I understand, however we understand the rules differently.  I am clearly reporting on my OWN experiences in being a student of Bob Ross so no one is confusing me with Bob Ross or his television show The Joy of Painting(tm). That's rule number one in not violating a Trademark by using it in a phrase (especially if it IS a phrase) is not using it to purposefully trick or confuse AND Rule number two,  they must defend their trademark.  Considering that www.TheJoyofPainting.com is not their domain but belongs and redirects to a UK art supplier, they clearly are not defending their trademark.

Trademarks are different than copyrights.  Copyrights are a given now.  Your work, people can't copy it.  But you can't copyright a name, and if you TradeMark a name or Mark you must defend it, and they simply don't.

Ms. Kowolski did extend her approval of my use of the Names of the episodes in the name of my videos (tho I don't believe I needed it) and that is the reason people find my videos on the subject.  They want to see it.  Ms.Kowolski would do well to recognize that and give the people what they want.

That being said, I am making a few changes to my blog header to make it clear that this blog is not affiliated in any way with The Bob Ross company Bob Ross, Inc. . . except that I love Bob Ross :)  and we all know, that's not a violation of anything.

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Melanie Statnick said...

I've watched him.My father also would watch him. I like his trees.

Anonymous said...

He was such an awesome artist! I loved how he would say imagine a squirrel living here, or
Just add a little titanium white.

@Buttons and Bows
mommiesgotfivechildren at hotmail dot com

Fed Up said...

I have always loved Bob Ross. When I was in the Navy and stationed in Brooklyn NY I would always tape his show with my VHS recorder. When I came home I would watch him after having a severely stressful day. He was the ONLY person who could wind me down with his voice alone. I knew he was an Air Force veteran so I could believe in his comradeship to me. He ALWAYS succeeded and to this very day I miss him.

Kay Zahn said...

That's how I learned to love him. His voice was so calming to my Mimi after her stroke. She could follow him and form thoughts . .

BUT did you know that Bob was a "drill sergeant"? I don't know which one was the "act" but clearly he was two different people.

I didn't know of him until after he was gone, but I miss him too ;)

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