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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I said this before but no one commented, so I must say it again.  I'm watching Series 2 - Episode 5 Autumn Splendor, and Bob said "Now we have a lot of limbs to make here so I think I'll cheat just a little bit." Then he whipped out something that looked like an drill (no cord, that I could see) with something sticking out of the end that had to be a paint stick, crayon or something.  He proceeded to make "lots of limbs" just like he said.

I don't have one of those.  I don't even know what it is, so I went on Ebay and searched for "oil paint stick, gun" and other such things.  I found heat guns to DRY paint, and apparently there is a sort of paint used in doll making that requires heat to SET the paint, but there was nothing like what I saw Bob use.

I did order some oil paint crayons and they have arrived, but I don't think they are anything like what Bob used so I doubt I'll use them in this next painting.  Anyway, I'm painting today.  I set up the camera and everything day before yesterday but everything got away from me and here I am 48 hours later.

Wish me luck.  Kay


Unknown said...

Hi, Kay! Bob Ross was my idol growing up, and I used to watch him religiously. I actually met him in the 80s, I was at 'Duk Duk Days' in New Hope and he was there with his wife. I told him how much I loved him and his work. He was very sweet. I think the drill thing you are describing might be an airbrush??

Good luck!! Happy trees!

Ayelet said...

that's upsetting. How could Bob cheat like that and let his devoted students down? The least he could have done was name the instrument... I'm sorry.

astrodisiac said...

Is it really THAT big a deal?

Kay Zahn said...

No big deal at all. I just WANT one of those things he had . . .and he said "I'm going to cheat a little bit" and whipped out this device that made long narrow lines a lot easier than using a liner brush. . . . It was long, long (long long) time ago and I doubt if it was a big deal at all, it's just that we've never seen one since. That's all.

DW said...

I want one as well, what the heck was it?!

Eli I said...

Wow, yeah. I want one too. Looking all over the 'net for it. I didn't see a cord either. What I did notice is that it had a squeeze handle like a hot-glue-gun. Maybe he put a black crayon or oil-pastel into a cordless hot-glue-gun?

jennswarthout said...

They do sell black hot glue. Could be that.

June said...

I just watched this episode (Season 2 Episode 5) and I too want one of these paint gun things. It made making sticks and limbs so-o easy and fast. I don't think Bob Ross would use hot glue on his paintings but he just might have used a paint stick in a glue gun... if that's possible. LOL I have submitted a question to the Bob Ross company website and will see if they tell me what Bob uses in this show. If I find out, I'll come back and let everyone know.

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