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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Painting myself into a corner?

Here I am 24 hours later still thinking I could do this.  I'm going to do a warm up painting today.  I know it sounds silly, a warm up painting.  Since I've already painted a number "warm ups" but this one feels a little different.  So don't judge me :)
Speaking of judging, I'm sure if anyone has found this blog (I don't know why or how, but I'm grateful) there must be some who want to engage in the LOVE or HATE Bob Ross conversation.  Not that there's not room for that.  Art is very subjective and I'm not calling what I am trying to do art.  I'm painting.  Putting Oil on canvas with brushes and knives under the direction of an icon from days past. If it turns out to BE art, then so be it.  I'm not an art critic, or even a student of the arts so I don't claim to have any idea what is or is not classic art.  I (like many others) just Know What I Like.  Period.

Here's a link to another blog that posed the LOVE/HATE question about Bob, and the answers there pretty much include folks from all sides.  Love it or hate it, the conversation is also fascinating, so please feel free to continue, if you're out there.

I'm going to get a little canvas on my easel for a little warming up.  I'll put up a tripod and camera (maybe even comb my hair, in case I get in the frame) and see what works and what doesn't.  Taking pictures of what I'm doing may prove to be the hard part.  I have tons of photo and video equipment (I do a LOT of that too, the details of which would be in another chapter, but you can see my videos on YouTube, just search for Kay Zahn)
See, I wasn't kidding.  I got out a canvas.  Actually it's been out for days. But I did get the camera out.  I'm doing something. Thanks again for reading.  Please comment if you have, so I know if I'm talking to myself and MiMi or not.  Kay

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